Playing Online Blackjack

Are you a fan of blackjack and looking to play online for the first time? Whether you are an avid blackjack player or just learning the game this amazing game has much to offer. Blackjack is a card game that is often referred to as 21 because the whole objective of the game for every player involved is to get as close to 21 without busting.

Unlike many other card games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7 Card stud and other similar games you are actually playing against the dealer instead of other players. This brings a whole new light to popular casino games because many players prefer the odds of playing against a single person instead of various players. In blackjack the only opponent or other cards that really matter is the dealers because you need to get as close as possible to 21, have a higher score than the dealer and not bust which is having a total of 22 points or more.

Playing blackjack is really no different than playing at your local land based casino except everything is virtual and will move at a quicker speed. Once each player has placed their bet all the players and the dealer will receive two initial cards. The top card of the dealer is always showing which will give you a better idea of what their card total might be. After receiving your first two cards you will have the option to stand (which means you are happy with the total of your first two cards) or to take a hit (which means you will receive at least one additional card). In the event that you bust or the cards total 22 or more you would automatically forfeit your hand and lose which means that your placed bet would be taken.

Since a blackjack is 21 you would automatically win if your first two cards equal twenty one. Most casinos pay 1 1 your bet so if you placed a bet $50 your winnings would be $75. However, in the event that the dealer also has blackjack it would be a push and you would not win anything. However, if you have a blackjack and the dealers top card is an ace you will have the chance to take even money or wait to see if the dealer has blackjack or not. The best thing to do is to take even money because if they do have the blackjack then you will not win anything. Other players will also be asked if they would like insurance on their hand before the dealer’s second card is exposed. The insurance bet pays 2-1 if you are right but can also be considered a suckers bet so weigh your options before choosing what is right for you.

Understanding the value of each card is imperative to being able to play the game properly. In classic blackjack an ace can be counted as a single point or 11 depending on whatever makes your hand better. All face cards (kings, queens and jacks) are worth ten points while all the other cards are at face value. This means that 10s are worth 10 points, 9s are worth 9 points, 8s are worth 8 points, 7s are worth 7 points, 6s are worth 6 points, 5s are worth 5 points, 4s are worth 4 points, 3s are worth 3 points and 2s are worth 2 points. Study this so when you start playing blackjack you are able to calculate what the odds are if you need to take additional cards.

Once you understand the odds of the game and how to play you need to look att he benefits of playing on the net instead of local casinos. One of the biggest advantages is the convenience that it offers. Since internet casinos never close you have the ability to log on and play online blackjack any time of the day or night and have no waiting to play.

Playing online can give you more benefits especially when signing up for internet casinos because new players are often rewarded with bonuses and free play. This means that you can earn free money just for signing up and have the ability to play your favorite online blackjack games without depositing any of your own money.

In addition to new signup bonuses many online casinos also offer a match deposit bonus for first time players which will match your deposit up to a specific amount. The ones that offer a 100% match bonus up to a specific amount will give you $200 for the $200 that you deposit which is an example of what might happen.

Whether you are looking to play a quick game or two during your break at work or enjoy spending the entire day you will have the ability to enjoy your favorite blackjack games and variation games for those that are looking to learn a new game to play. The betting is relatively the same as with a land based casino but make sure that you familiarize yourself with the chip amounts so you know what you are betting each time. You can even enjoy the free play to practice playing online before you choose to make your first real money deposit.

If playing blackjack online is what you are looking to do you will be happy to know there are tons of online casinos that have various games to offer. Simply choose one based on reputation and feedback from other players and start playing today. If you are just learning the game or playing online for the first time you may want to check out various online casinos before choosing which one is right for you. This also gives you the benefit of taking advantage of each promotion or blackjack bonuses that the online casinos are offering at the time. Playing online blackjack has never been easier so if you love the game but don’t have the time to drive to your local casino then this is the perfect option or you.