Nektan Casino Sites & Nektan VIP Programmes

As a leader within the international iGaming circuit, it’s understandable that Nektan has been part of numerous VIP programmes throughout the community. After all, not only do they appreciate how important quality gameplay is to their customers, but they’re also aware of how vital it is to keep those same customers happy via other services.

What may surprise you most about this approach of theirs however, is the fact that they’re a fairly young company, having only be founded in 2011, and so the fact that they can deliver such optimised products is a credit to them. What is even more impressive, is the fact that not all of their VIP programmes are the same, as we intend to demonstrate via the selection of examples below. Sometimes the same format is utilised, but more often than not, Nektan casinos attempt to change up the tempo to give users a fresh experience.

New Nektan Casino VIP Programmes

Pyramids Fortune Casino – Privileged VIP

Launched in 2017, this modern Nektan website is one of those within the industry that clearly should provide promotional materials via an exclusive form of membership – and it certainly does just that. However, while this label rewards customers who maintain steady and constant loyalty, few details about how to join this club is revealed. Perhaps this is why the label has dubbed its club Privileged?

What we can tell you about this close knit circle is that members will be invited to this group if the team at Pyramids Fortune feels that they deserve to. Some may call this elitist, but it’s quite common for online casinos to do invite only loyalty schemes, so as to keep the luxury feel of the club as pure as possible. Should you be lucky enough to be granted access, you can expect to receive weekly cashbacks, special deposit bonuses, free spins, and a whole host of other goodies which Nektan have yet to detail to us. If you should want to be part of the inner circle, maybe keep your eyes peeled on your inboxes when playing with Pyramids Fortune.

The Sun Play – Privileged – Closed Casino

Again, we come back to that term Privileged, only this time it’s in connection with The Sun Play, a brand from Nektan that was also released in 2017. Despite Pyramids Fortune and The Sun Play sharing such similarities, many would argue that the latter has more of an online presence due to The Sun Newspaper being connected to the platform. As countless players will no doubt know, The Sun is a tabloid paper that people love to hate and hate to love, and so their name is bound to carry weight. That being said, we wouldn’t say that this means that their Privileged membership is any more exclusive than Pyramids Fortune, merely that it may feel more prestigious.

Those who are interested in activating such membership from within this site, will find that the process is much the same as we’ve already described, with players needing to demonstrate dedication to the brand. To do this, it’s advised that you play many of the games and deposit as much cash as you can (responsibly) afford to, with a team member then being more likely to invite you to join. Just as before, you stand to gain many special bonuses, each of which will come with their own wagering requirements and conditions.

Gale&Martin Nektan Casino – Free L5 Bonus

Fortunately we come to a varied VIP format; as we mentioned back in our introduction, while Nektan sometimes uses similar VIP designs, they also introduce fresh innovation into the mix, resulting in schemes like what we see at Gale&Martin. This too is a 2017 launched casino, though it could easily pass for being even younger than that, such is the newness of its interface and the sparkle of possibilities. Dynamics of which are a huge part in the allure of the VIP club.

Much like with other Nektan labels, specific details are kept minimal so as to create a sense of enigma about the membership. However, unlike with other brands, with Gale&Martin we get given a sort of how-to list so that we can progress through the VIP ranks. For example, when playing games with this site, you’ll be awarded comp points every time, with these points growing in volume the higher up the VIP ranks you climb. What is more, to show their appreciation of your continued loyalty, you’ll receive weekly bonuses simply for being a VIP. Oh, and don’t forget that you get a personalised ‘manager’ to help with any support issues that may arise, a luxury which standard users will be devoid of.

Casino Superlines – VIP

Out of all the 2017 launched casinos we’ve looked at throughout this mini overview of VIP programmes, Casino Superlines is the most sophisticated looking of them all. Sporting a modern geometric aesthetic, with clean edges and sharp features, it looks like a winner from the moment you sign up. But what of that VIP offer, does that match the design in its winning qualities?

To fall in step with the branding of this website, Nektan has given Casino Superlines an obvious four tier system, starting with Bronze then moving through to Silver and Gold, before ending at Platinum level status. To qualify for each level, users must allocate a certain bracket of money into their account, e.g. for Bronze level you need to wager between L1 and L5,000 before being able to progress to Silver. Each of the levels builds on the exclusive rewards of the other, with Platinum offering 24/7 support, VIP specials and monthly cashbacks.